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Prayer When Your Future Feels Uncertain

When confusion and angst threaten our peace, our faith in God provides us with strength. 

Many of us feel stuck in life as if we are getting far away from achieving our dreams. We overthink what our future will be like ten years from now. Sometimes, worrying about it leads us to doubt and fear that stops or discourages us to continue moving forward. 

With everything that’s been happening around us, it is normal and acceptable to feel hopeless and uncertain of the future. No one can predict what might happen, especially in tough times like this. (Read: Prayers of the Vatican in Difficult Times)

When confusion and angst threaten our peace, our faith in God provides us with strength. Trusting his plan for us can help us find courage and face all the difficulties calmly. For everyone who feels uncertain of their future, utter this prayer and ask for His guidance to overcome your worries. (Read: 5 Prayers for Strength and Encouragement Amid Difficulties)

Prayer when your future feels uncertain

Dear merciful Lord,

things seem unclear. 

I’m not sure where I stand, 

or if the decisions I make are correct. 

Too many thoughts swirl around and confuse me. 

The enemy brings uncertainty and fear to my heart.

Stand up for me, Lord. Fight for me. 

Cast away the darkness, show me your will. 

Bring me clarity and peace. 

Even if I cannot have all the answers, 

I know the one who does. 

Your spirit created the universe. 

Your spirit brought Jesus back from the dead. 

Let your Spirit, Lord, bring me certainty. 

The certainty that you will never leave me. 

You will always lead me, 

and that I belong to you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer from prayerforanxiety.

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