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A Prayer of Forgiveness for Your Enemies

Put your faith in the Lord and trust that He'll show you the way to inner peace and healing.

Oftentimes, when we get hurt by another person, our immediate reaction is to fill our hearts with rage. We become angry and vengeful, wanting to return the pain that was caused by those we call enemies.

In Christian teachings, however, acts of vengeance and feelings of rage are considered to be sinful, as it means that we neglect God’s presence and intervention in the things that happen to us. As Christians, we are called upon to influence love and forgiveness not just to those whom we consider as family or friends, but also to those we see as enemies. (Read: A Prayer for Personal Forgiveness)

As we observe Holy Week this year, My Pope Philippines calls on you to put your faith in the Lord and trust that He’ll show you the way to inner peace and healing. Foster love and forgiveness to your enemies with this powerful prayer!

A Prayer of Forgiveness for Your Enemies

Loving Father, thank You for the example of Jesus Who cried, Father forgive on the cross. Help me to be one that freely and willingly prays forgiveness over those who are my enemies, and those who, for whatever reason, dislike or try to harm me.

Lord, I thank You that even the people in our lives who despise and ill-use us have a divine purpose in Your perfect plan, in that it drives us back into Your arms of love. From here, we can lift them up to Your throne of grace in prayer, asking for their forgiveness and salvation and releasing in us any pent-up hatred or bitterness that is so damaging to our souls and well-being.

Forgive my enemies Lord, and all those who have tried to hurt or harmed me. Look down in pity on all those who I term ‘enemies’ and give me the grace to show them the love of Christ in my actions and attitudes towards them. Keep my thoughts from becoming resentful or seeking revenge, but rather release in my heart the peace that only comes from casting all my cares on You, including my enemies.

Give me the grace, not only to truly forgive all my enemies but also to bless those who persecute me, for in so doing I see a dim reflection of Your enormous grace towards me, for which I praise and thank You. In Jesus’ blessed name, Amen.

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