Friday, June 18, 2021
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A Prayer for Peace Around the World

Join us in praying for a peaceful world, where everyone lives in harmony.

Over the past few weeks, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine has been flooding news outlets locally and internationally. The latest tension between the two forces has resulted in exchanges of bullets day in, day out, and at least 240 deaths— mostly of Palestinians in Gaza.

Because of the rising tensions, and the millions of individuals that it has affected, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) asked both parties to address the root causes of the conflict instead of engaging in gunfight. Even Pope Francis called on both sides to put aside violence and seek a common solution. (Read: Pope Tells Israeli, Palestinian Leaders: ‘Stop the Clamor of Arms!’)

“I invite everyone to seek shared solutions, so that the multi-religious and multi-cultural identity of the Holy City might be respected and that fraternity might prevail,” he said.

Let us all recite this prayer for peace so that the time can come that no more families will be affected by any war, and everyone can live harmoniously with each other.

A Prayer for Peace In the World

Lord Jesus, You came that the world might know the peace that You have experienced with the Father eternally. Yet, You taught us that in this life there will be wars and rumors of wars. Nations will rise against nations as violence works itself out in the world.

However, through You, the world may be saved. O Lord, send Your spirit into the hearts of all men, that the world might know true peace through Your abundant mercy.


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