Monday, November 29, 2021
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Prayer for Typhoon Victims

The protection, comfort, and courage are in His hands that will keep us stronger.

Natural calamities are inevitable and unpredictable, it is like facing a life and death situation. Typhoons have been the biggest threat to the Filipinos.

Typhoon Fabian recently destroyed houses and flooded many areas. Thousands need to evacuate to keep themselves safe. Braving typhoons in the middle of a pandemic is one of the toughest challenges that anyone would face. It is never easy to find strength and hope during these times.  (Read: Pope Sends Prayers for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines)

Despite the fear and despair we feel in surpassing all the struggles brought by storms, our faith in God will still prevail. The protection, comfort, and courage are in His hands that will keep us stronger. Let’s offer this prayer to our families, friends, and fellow Filipinos who are affected by Typhoon Fabian. (Read: A Prayer for Protection Against Natural Calamities)

Prayer for Typhoon Victims

Father, we pray for the victims of the typhoons in the Philippines that you give them comfort in their dealings with their losses and provide them with all their needs. Provide them food, shelter and all their necessities. 

Give them healing and take away their fears. Give them the courage to face their losses and give them strength to care for their injured loved ones. Heal the hearts of those who lost their loved ones.

Father, we intercede on behalf of everyone affected by these storms. Bless, keep, protect, and comfort each and every one of them. Father, meet every need, and I pray for the safety of every missing person.

Let every grieving family know of your love in a special way. Bind the hand and voice of the enemy so they can hear you clearly. Help and strengthen every person helping in the search, support, treatment, and cleanup effort.

Lord Jesus, our Prince of peace, bring peace to the victims and their family and friends. Perform miracles on their behalf that they may find financial aid and all types of relief they need to survive from these natural disasters.

We thank you Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for hearing our prayers.

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