Thursday, June 24, 2021
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A Prayer for the Philippines

Join us as we pray for our country this Independence Day.

Today marks the 123rd anniversary since the Philippine flag was first flown on the balcony of the Aguinaldo Shrine. Independence Day in the Philippines celebrates the country’s freedom from 300 years of Spanish colonization, and is considered a national holiday.

While we may not be ‘free’ right now in the sense that we are on quarantine due to the pandemic, there is still a lot to celebrate. For one, we are fortunate enough to experience the freedom and peace that other countries are being deprived of. (Read: Marawi Siege Hero and Peace Advocate Dies at Age 49)

With this in mind, let us all pray that our entire country will continue to be free, and our countrymen will always be safe and enjoy better lives with their families.

A Prayer for the Philippines

Almighty Ever living God, thank you for all the gifts we have received, for all the trials we have undergone from which many good things unknown to us have surely arisen.

Continue to pour your abundant blessings to our nation, to all the leaders of our country and to all Filipinos so that in the midst of the economic turmoil our nation is facing right now as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, together with all the problems associated with it.

We may all continue to be faithful to Your Will, with a spirit of trust and abandonment, knowing that You will never forsake us.

Restore and give lasting peace to our country, grant us a peaceful coexistence among ourselves and with our neighboring countries, and keep us safe from all danger, harmand foreign bullying.

Alleviate the sufferings of all our sick, poor and indigent countrymen through the wise and just decisions and laws of our leaders, and the kindness and generosity of our fellow Filipinos.

Protect and reward all those who are selflessly helping the sick and the needy during this time of the pandemic.

Eradicate all the social evils in our society through the personal conversion and struggle of all of us to live the moral values in our daily life.

Protect all our fellowmen from harm, especially those who have gone to other countries in search for a better life for their families in the Philippines.

Almighty and ever-living God, may we be faithful to You and to our Catholic faith. You are our hope and consolation.

We want to console you as well and adore you with all our life, so that wherever a Filipino may be, You would be worshipped and glorified. May we be generous instruments of Your love, mercy, unity and peace.

Immaculate Mary, Queen of the Philippines and all the Filipinos, intercede for us. Never cease to pray for and protect the Philippines from all evil and harm.

Trusting in your mercy to hear our pleas, we ask these all in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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