Sunday, September 26, 2021
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A Prayer of Compassion for the Filipino People

Join us as we seek God's loving embrace in healing every wound and bringing restoration to our beloved nation.

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, a lot of Filipinos have had their lives shaken as they face uncertainties in their livelihood, relationships, finances, and even education. Day by day, as the battle against the global pandemic continues, more and more people are finding themselves confused and feeling lost as to what will happen to them next. 

Here at My Pope Philippines, we believe in the power of faith in uplifting the spirits of many Filipinos. As the nation’s first online magazine that is dedicated to inspiring positivity and encouraging every individual to be more compassionate toward others, we strive to bring the good word of the Lord to as many readers as we can. (Read: You may not know it, but God reaches out to you every day)

Today, as the country faces an obstacle that can only be overcome if we all work together, join us as we seek God’s loving embrace in healing every wound and bringing restoration to our beloved nation. We also encourage you to share the good word to bring about light and positivity to every Filipino there is.

Prayer for the Nation

Dearest Lord,

We praise and thank You for calling us to be Your people. We thank You for the times of triumph despite the ongoing challenges we face as a nation, knowing You have been with us always.

Have mercy for our failures Lord and make us into a people who will not forget You. Give us the grace to grow in love, service, and obedience to Your laws.

We pray for our nation — strengthen and defend us in our daily battles. Help us to fight for our country by being good citizens and being part of the solution.  Keep safe our families and the Godly values we hold dear.

We pray for our people — that we may grow united in love and appreciation for who we are as Filipinos.  May we extend a hand to each other in selfless giving even when we feel we are the ones in need.  Teach us to choose our leaders well.

We pray for our leaders — give them Your heart and wisdom to govern humbly and justly.  Make them worthy examples of righteousness for the youth to emulate.  We claim Your victory in Our land, Lord!

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Prayer by Papemelroti.

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