Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Powerful Prayers for Students and Educators Affected by the Pandemic

They may not be in the frontlines like others, but teachers are surely worthy of the same recognition for their commitment to aiding in every Filipino child's learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live our daily lives. And even while we are in the middle of a war against the deadly disease, many of us still strive to continue on with their everyday lives and responsibilities.

Among these people are the teachers and educators who have been making bold moves just to ensure the continuity of every student’s learning. They may not be in the frontlines like other everyday heroes, but they are surely worthy of the same recognition for their commitment to their sworn responsibility of aiding in every Filipino child’s learning.

As we are all aware of, due to the enforced community quarantines across the country, educators are faced today by the challenges of finding ways to continue education without having to risk the health and safety of staff and students. This forces them to explore and study unfamiliar territories, like online teaching and distance learning. (Read: Heart Evangelista Starts Initiative to Help Students in Distance Learning)

Today, let us open our hearts and pray that may every teacher, educator, and student find the motivation they need in developing ways to adapt to the new normal. Let us also pray that may they be blessed with the resources they need in order to effectively enforce learning despite the ongoing crisis brought about by the pandemic. (Read: UP Open University Makes Online Bridge Courses Free for Public)

A Prayer for Teachers and Educators During the Crisis

Father, this is the day You have made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. It doesn’t look like we thought it would look, nor will tomorrow and the days to come likely be executed in the way we expected and prepared for. Help us to see the good in each day. Help us to find reasons to rejoice and ways to be glad. Litter our lives with moments of laughter and lightheartedness, even in these extremely dark and trying times. Birthdays are still be celebrated each day. The sun keeps coming up, and You remain the same. We are created in Your image, God, to do good and great things to bring glory to Your name. Each one of us, both teacher and student, was created with a specific purpose. Help teachers to have confidence in their craft. They were meant to teach, educate, coach, counsel, and lead. They are needed, appreciated, and loved. Their work and their efforts are never in vain. When it is hard to see the good, grab our attention, Father. When we are sad and miss school, our normal routine, and our teammates and coaches, encourage our spirits. Sustain us through our very real fear of what is and will happen in our world, God. Remind us we are not alone, even when we feel isolated.

Prayer for Continued Provision and Resources

Thank You, Father, for technology allowing many students to continue their educations online. For virtual classrooms and technological resources. Thank You for every teacher and educator adjusting to their new normal. Comfort them as they miss interacting with their students in person. Equip them with energy and inspiration to come alongside their students in this challenging time of crisis. Protect their health, Father, both physically and mentally. Encourage them to use their gifts and talents to find new ways to reach students.

For the boards of education, principals, and staff of our schools, we pray a blessing over their lives and their livelihood. May the leaders of our schools be blessed with wisdom and energized to inspire their staff in this difficult time. May the needs of students be seen, and God we pray Your provision to meet those needs. Bless our school secretaries, to find a place to serve and work in this new and unique situation. We pray for the channels of communication to remain open amongst the staff of our school systems. Keep them connected, socially, and working together for the greater good of each student. Empower coaches and student-athletes to communicate about their training virtually, and to stay inspired and reminded that impossible situations can be the fuel for big dreams to be realized.

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