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Monday, September 21, 2020
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A Prayer to St. Martin de Porres, Patron Saint of Social Justice

In these dark times, we call upon Saint Martin de Porres to guide us and enlighten our way.

As it unravels, the COVID-19 crisis is causing a large-scale loss of life and severe human rights violations. The pandemic has shown deep failures and inequities in the current social-economic and political orders that we need to consider. These lapses are causing great damage not only to the country but also to its people. 

In these dark times, we call upon St. Martin de Porres, the patron saint of social justice to guide us and enlighten our way. St. Martin de Porres’ life reflects God’s compassion for the poor, the powerless, and the weak. He was canonized as the Patron of Social Justice because he worked for the equal rights of people in different walks of life.

A prayer for social justice

Saint Martin de Porres, by joining your feelings of rejection to those of the rejected Christ and placing your faith and trust in Him, you conquered that self-pity which could have destroyed you.

Help us to overcome our own sense of rejection and self-pity, so that we too can conquer in union with the rejected Christ.

You have been named by the Church the Patron of Social Justice. You aroused among the rich a new sense of Christian social conscience to help the poor. Let this same sense of social justice flourish in us, in our nation and in our world today, to bring about a new rebirth of hope.

Let us cast our eyes around us and help those in need, for it is in giving that we receive, and it is in blessing others that we ourselves are blessed.

We make our prayer through Christ our Lord.


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