Thursday, June 24, 2021
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A Prayer For Single Mothers

Single moms are some of the strongest, bravest people in the world.

Today is Mother’s Day— a day when we honor our mom, mama, nanay, tita, ate, lola, and all other women who became a second mom to us and made an impact in our lives. These women not only carried their children for nine months and brought them into the world, but also fed, stayed up at night, and worked 40 hours a week (or more) for them.

This is one of the many reasons they deserve a day where they are treated like the queen they really are. But if there is someone who deserves the queenly treatment more— not that there should be a comparison— it would be single moms.

Single moms take on both parental roles and work double just to make ends meet and have their children grow up in an ideal environment. (Read: 3 Career Moms Weigh in on Their Work-From-Home Setup)

So for Mother’s Day, let us pray for all single mothers out there who do everything for their children tirelessly. Here is a prayer:

Prayer for Single Mothers

In Jesus’s name, we pray,
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