Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Prayer for the Safety of All Animals

Join us in praying that these animals live free of abuse and illness, and that they may live the life they deserve.

You might have seen over the past few months the stray animal rescue efforts of many non-profit organizations on your social media feed. These NGOs are campaigning that people adopt dogs and cats in pounds rather than buy from a breeder. We’ve also seen many concerned citizens posting about dogs they find lying on the street under the harsh sun or heavy rains, seemingly lost or hurt.

These posts are indeed heart-wrenching since many Filipinos are animal lovers. But despite these calls on social media, not all dogs and cats can be saved right now especially given the situation we’re living in these days. (Read: Pinay Vet Student Feeds up to 40 Stray Animals Thrice a Week)

So for today, let us pray for all dogs, cats, and other animals that they may be safe and healthy, and protected from abuse, natural disasters, and diseases they might encounter. We also pray that they are adopted or owned by true animal lovers who will do everything they can to give these animals the care and life they deserve.

Prayer for the Safety of Animals

O God,

source of life and power,

Who feedeth the birds of the heavens,

increase our tenderness towards all the creatures of Thy hand.

Help us to refrain from petty acts of cruelty,

or thoughtless deeds of harm to any living animal.

May we care for them at all times,

especially during hard weather,

and protect them from injury so that they learn to trust us as friends.

Let our sympathy grow with knowledge,

so that the whole creation may rejoice in Thy presence.


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