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Prayer For Reconciliation

Admitting mistakes and apologizing may not be simple for us, but we all know in our hearts that we only want peace and forgiveness.

Everyone has experienced conflict and broken relationships. It can be with a family member, friend, or stranger. There are times that we unintentionally hurt, disappoint, and offend someone. But it is not easy for some people to apologize or make the first step in managing conflicts regardless of whose fault it is. (Read: 7 Prayers From the Bible About Forgiveness)

Knowing that someone holds grudges against you or holding grudges against someone is frustrating and uneasy. It feels heavy to be haunted by thoughts that keep you awake at night—wondering what you have done and how to fix it. Whether a person is close to you or not, it is important to always settle issues in a healthy manner. Don’t let guilt and regret bother you for a long time just because of your pride. 

If you need some guidance and strength in taking the first step in reconciling with someone, recite this prayer to ask for God’s help. (Read: A Prayer of Forgiveness for Your Enemies)

Prayer For Reconciliation 

Loving God, you have reconciled us in Christ Jesus 

and have given us the ministry of reconciliation.

We pray for all those from whom we are estranged.

Bring healing to strained or broken relationships.

Forgive us for the times we have wronged others, 

whether by ignorance, neglect, or intention.

Grant us the courage and the grace to seek their forgiveness

and opportunity to make amends.

Where others have wronged us,

grant us a gracious spirit, that we might forgive

even as we have been forgiven in Jesus Christ.


Prayer from faithward.org

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