Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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A Prayer for Protection Against Natural Calamities

Let us all pray that we survive the incoming storms and floods, and that no deaths be recorded.

Last Friday, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) officially announced the onset of the rainy season in the Philippines. The declaration comes with the expectation of more storms, typhoons, landslides, and floods in various parts of the country, especially those in low-lying areas.

These floods and landslides cause a significant number of deaths, and displaces many as it destroys houses and infrastructures with its wrath. And despite preparations done by local governments, concerned agencies, and the public itself, it can sometimes be unavoidable to be affected by these natural calamities. (Read: Robb Gile, 25, Shares His Life as a Typhoon Forecaster at PAGASA)

That is why My Pope Philippines is providing you with a prayer you can recite to ask for protection against these natural calamities. We fervently pray that we all face them prepared and no deaths occur because of it.

A Prayer for Protection Against Calamities

Lord, please be with the rescue workers and keep them safe as they make heroic efforts in dangerous situations to rescue those in trouble.

Lord, please be with everyone waiting to be rescued, keep them safe, and bring help to them soon.

God, bless each and every person affected by this storm and surround them with Your love, protection, and angels. Let them know there are millions of us  out here praying for them and their loved ones.

We give You all the praise and glory forever, Lord, and know that even in the darkest hours, You are always with us.


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