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A Prayer for Persons Living with HIV

Join us in prayer this National HIV Testing Day.

Being a primarily Catholic country, the Philippines treats some ‘liberal’ topics and issues as taboo. One of these is sexually transmitted diseases or STDs— not only because it is a viral disease therefore infectious to some degree, but more so the nature and the transmission method of the disease itself.

This culture of conservatism in the country about these issues is what makes individuals living with STDs like HIV/AIDS fearful of disclosing their illness to others. It also makes people apprehensive when it comes to being tested for HIV, because the judge is there and real. (Read: CBCP Boosts Efforts Against Human Trafficking, Slavery)

That is why for National HIV Testing Day, we would like to offer a prayer for all those combatting HIV present and past, that they may overcome this disease, and be accepted and not judged by society despite it.

Prayer for Persons Living with HIV

God of Promise,

today we are mindful of our sisters and brothers suffering with HIV and AIDS.

We ask your healing presence on millions of people living with the disease today;

particularly the children who are infected or who have been orphaned by the disease.

Make of us a safe haven for those who are abandoned,

discriminated against and rejected on account of their illness.

Inspire us to speak out for a just distribution of health care

and medical aid in this country and for generosity

in sharing our resources with those struggling

under the weight of this epidemic overseas. 

As we begin our Advent celebration of waiting

in hope for the birth of your Son, let us remember those

across the world who wait in hope for a cure.


Prayer from chausa.org.

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