Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Prayer for Nurses and Medical Professionals

Join us in praying for all medical professionals risking their health to save lives.

Ever since the pandemic started, health care workers have been doing their jobs non-stop, with some even going for 36 hours straight on duty.

It has been a physical, mental, and emotional challenge for our doctors, nurses, and hospital staff, especially as they are putting themselves at risk every day just to do what they swore they would in their oath. Still, despite the fatigue the pandemic and their job brings, these medical professionals continue to do their jobs and save lives.

So today, National Career Nurse Assistants’ Day, join us in praying for our medical heroes, especially nurses, who are fighting COVID-19 head-on and risking their health every day for us.  (Read: 5 Filipino nurses who’ll inspire you to stay strong and compassionate amid COVID-19 crisis)

A Prayer for Nurses and Medical Professionals

Dear Lord, please give me strength to face the day ahead.

Dear Lord, please give me courage as I approach each hurting bed.

Dear Lord, please give me wisdom with every word I speak.

Dear Lord, please give me patience as I comfort the sick and weak.

Dear Lord, please give me assurance, as the day slips into night, that I have done the best I can, that I have done what’s right.


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