Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Prayer for Law Students

May these prayers become a source of strength and comfort.

Completing law school is an achievement that is worth celebrating. This means that the path to graduating and being an actual lawyer requires grit, perseverance, and prayers.

Here are 3 prayers that may be a source of comfort for law students.

A Law Student’s Prayer

Dear God,
Please, Lord.
Let the books be thin.
Let the pages be scarce.
Save us from enumerations.
Let the questions be those which we have read.

Serenity Prayer for Bar Takers

God grant me the serenity to accept that I have prepared the best I can.

The courage to change from studying details to preparing my mind and body to breath, stay calm, and focus.

And the wisdom to know that exams not only test my knowledge but also my state of mind.

Taking each question one at a time.

Focusing on the moment, parking my worries and fears at the door, and visualizing success.

Accepting that the harder you want something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.

Taking the bar exam as it is, not how I or others would have written it.

Trusting in my skills and surrendering to an unshakeable belief in myself.

Supremely happy that I am about to transition from learning law to living justice.


A Prayer to Saint Thomas More for Lawyers

Thomas More, counselor of law and statesman of integrity, merry martyr and most human of saints:

Pray that, for the glory of God and in the pursuit of His justice, I may be trustworthy with confidences, keen in study, accurate in analysis, correct in conclusion, able in argument, loyal to clients, honest with all, courteous to adversaries, ever attentive to conscience. Sit with me at my desk and listen with me to my clients’ tales. Read with me in my library and stand always beside me so that today I shall not, to win a point, lose my soul.

Pray that my family may find in me what yours found in you: friendship and courage, cheerfulness and charity, diligence in duties, counsel in adversity, patience in pain—their good servant, and God’s first. Amen.


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