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A Prayer for the Safety of Seafarers

Let us pray for all the seafarers who continuously face separation and distance just to make a living for their families.

Children of seafarers know all too well the sadness when their parent has to hop on a ship and be gone for a couple months once again. It’s a cycle that they’ve gotten used to, but still dread because they get separated from their loved one.

But apart from the sadness about the months-long separation, families of seafarers also fear for the safety of their family member. Imagine, a seafarer stays onboard a ship in the middle of a large body of water for long periods of time. Their families are bound to feel fear and anxiety because of this. (Read: 5 Realities of Having a Seafarer Dad)

That is why today for the International Day of Seafarers, My Pope Philippines would like to pray for all seafarers who bravely face the harsh waters, and constant separation from their loved ones just to earn a living.

A Prayer for Seafarers’ Safety

Heavenly Father,

we pray for all who sacrifice their home and family life,

to work as seafarers.

We think of the many months at sea,

enduring the hardships and dangers of heavy seas,

storms and strong winds far away from home.

Look with favour on all seafarers who miss their families and loved ones,

those who feel isolated or lonely, scared or insecure.

Bring them safely home to shore,

and at the end of their contract,

return them into the loving arms of their families and friends.

We ask this in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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