Saturday, December 4, 2021
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A Prayer for All Those Who Are Feeling Exhausted Due To The Pandemic

Stress and exhaustion can take its toll on the body, especially during these times.

Before the pandemic, students and people in the workforce would often go home tired after a day’s worth of school and work–not to mention the heavy traffic they endured just to get home. And during the pandemic, the fatigue has become worse. Not only is it now a physical and mental tiredness we experience, but also emotional exhaustion because of the isolation due to the pandemic.

Aside from the tiredness, there’s a lingering fear that we might get infected with the coronavirus, which makes us feel more exhausted than ever. (Read: 3 Simple Ways to Cope With Stress Due to Disaster Response)

That is why today, we offer a prayer to ask for God’s intercession in helping us overcome exhaustion we experience most days during the pandemic. We ask for a clear mind, a healthy body, and energy to get on with the rest of the week.

Prayer for Exhaustion and Stress

Dear God,

Thank You for another day.

Thank You for my life and the purpose You have given me.

I come before You tired and ask for a refreshed spirit.

I am exhausted and I need Your strength to carry me. 

Fill me with joy, so that no matter how tired I am,

I rejoice because You are good and Your love endures forever.

I pray for others who are feeling tired or empty.

Help us not to complain amidst our weakness.

Restore our minds so that we can still function properly.

Give our bodies the energy needed to get through each day.

We claim healing in Jesus’s name.

Please also help us to manage our time so that we will get the rest we need.

Help us to prune things that are hard to let go of that suck the energy from us.

Lord, we lay our lives down at Your throne and praise You in Jesus’s name,


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