Friday, May 14, 2021
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A Prayer for Business Owners in Difficult Times

Lord, times are difficult, but I will stand strong and wait on You.

As the world continues to battle a global pandemic that is COVID-19, many business owners and employees have been struggling to keep their sources of income afloat.

Even the United Nations itself has warned that the pandemic will “most likely increase poverty and inequalities at a global scale,” and that vulnerable groups must prepare as early as now for the impacts of the crisis.

Today, let us join our hands in prayer to seek hope and enlightenment in this global crisis that we are currently facing. (Read: Pinoy entrepreneurs start movement to solve business woes amid COVID-19 lockdown)

May struggling businesses find ways to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, and may the employees who lost their jobs find another decent source of income to support their families.

A Prayer for Business Owners in Difficult Times

Lord, thank you so much for my business.  I know, just like everything else, even my business comes from You.  Help me to follow Your ways in my work so that I can honor You and glorify You.

Things are hard at times Lord, but I know You don’t promise us easy.  I just pray, Lord, that when things are difficult, I can be a Godly leader.  I pray I will not be overcome by fear and worry.  I pray that I will stay the course and trust that the vision I have for my business is Your vision.  I will try to treat others I encounter, be it staff, vendors, or customers, with love, respect, and integrity.

But, Lord, I can’t do it in my own strength, only in Yours.  

I pray, Lord, that I can show perseverance and be a light to others.  I know you call us to be a city on a hill.  I pray that our business can set an example that by following You, even in the market place, that we will have an advantage.

I pray, Lord, that as I claim your promises from Matthew 6:26, that I can lay down the worry that Satan wants to plant in my mind and stray me from your path.

Lord, times are difficult, but I will stand strong and wait on you, Lord.  Thank you for being here for me when fear threatens my resolve.  I pray, Lord, that Your will be done, because I know that You love me and Your will is what is best.

I pray these things in Jesus’ great name, Amen.

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