Saturday, December 4, 2021
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A Prayer for Astronauts and Astronomers

Join us as we pray for their safe return home.

As much as it is an amazing and breathtaking field, astronomy can also be dangerous. Astronauts quite literally venture into the unknown, staying for prolonged periods in outer space, leaving behind their loved ones for the sake of science and research.

So today, National Asteroid Day, My Pope Philippines prays for all astronauts and people working in the astronomy field that they stay safe while in the pursuit of new knowledge and discoveries. (Read: Three female astronauts who’ll inspire you to go after your dreams)

We pray that they return to their families healthy and safe, and that they may be well enough to share their discoveries with the world.

A Prayer for Safety of Astronauts and Astronomers

Eternal Father,

King of Birth,

Who didst create the Heaven and Earth,

And bid the planets and the Sun

Their own appointed orbits run;

O hear us when we seek Thy grace

For those who soar through outer space.


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