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A Prayer for Artists and Creatives Around the World

Lord, continue to provide inspiration to artists so that they may keep the fire inside them burning.

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, and colors. It can be realistic, abstract, cartoony, or geometric, and can be rainbow-colored, monochromatic, or somehow a combination of both. Thanks to artists then and now, we get to experience these different art forms.

Today, May 30, we honor every creative who makes the world a better place with their art. Whether it be in music, painting, dancing, or writing, we celebrate them today on National Creativity Day. (Read: Meet Aris Bagtas, the Pinoy Artist Who Paints Murals in PH Churches)

My Pope Philippines offers this prayer for all artists and creatives, that they may never let the fire within them cease, and that they always find the inspiration and motivation they need to pursue art.

A Prayer for Artists and Creatives

Lord, remember your artists. Have mercy upon them and remember with compassion all those that reflect the good, the ill, the strengths and the weaknesses of the human spirit.

Remember those who raise their voices in unending song, those who pour their souls into music loud and soft.

Remember those who put pigment to surface, carve wood and stone and marble, who work base metals into beauty, those building upwards from the earth toward heaven.

Remember those who put thought to paper by computer and by pen; the poets who delve, the playwrights who analyze and proclaim, the dreamers-up of narrative, all those who work with the light and shadows of film.

Remember the actors moved by Spirit and dancers moving through space.

Remember all these artists whom you have placed among us, for are they not, O Lord, the fellows of your inspiration? Do they not, Lord God, bring to your people great proof of your divinity and our part in it?

Remember your artists and show them mercy and compassion that they may do the same and so uplift all your people. That they may cry forth your praises, as we do here.


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