Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Prayer For Afghanistan

We pray for peace, dignity, freedom and confidence for the men, women and children of Afghanistan...

In the wake of the Taliban taking control over Afghanistan, the whole world is on edge, fearful of what this could mean or lead to. But no one is more fearful than those who are currently stuck in the unsettled country. Those who have converted from Islam to other religions such as Christianity in Afghanistan face the fear of persecution or death at the hands of the Taliban.

As we watch and wait for the events to fully unfold, let us pray for the people of Afghanistan, the troops, leaders, and missionaries who are facing this fear as well. (Read: Pope Francis Asks Public To Pray For Afghanistan)

Prayer for Afghanistan

All-loving God, Your hands have fashioned every lovely corner of this treasured planet, and the beautiful land of Afghanistan is as precious as every other place Your children call ‘home’. By its rivers and mountains, its fields and gardens, its busy towns and ancient villages, it is the heart’s desire of its people and the place where their lives and loves are nurtured.

We grieve today with those who grieve over Afghanistan, the people who call it home indeed, the people exiled or suddenly having to leave, and the men and women from other countries who have made sacrifices in recent years in the cause of that country’s future.

We remember with renewed sadness the loss of lives of military personnel during the years of this country’s involvement in Afghanistan, conscious of the questions that must today be troubling the minds of those in our community who were bereaved, those who were wounded on operations, and those who were forever changed by experiences suffered there.

We pray for peace, dignity, freedom and confidence for the men, women and children of Afghanistan; for courage, vision and generosity within the international community responding to such need; and for tranquility of mind amongst our own Service community and its wider family.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the peace-giver, we pray, amen.

Source: The Church of Scotland

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