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Prayer Before Study by St. Thomas Aquinas

Say this prayer before your exam and seek the intercession of the beloved saint.

If you are a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, chances are you are familiar with St. Thomas Aquinas’s Prayer Before Study. This prayer has guided Thomasians through every exam, quiz, or even just a class.

St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of Catholic schools, is a famous theologian. His greatest contribution to the Catholic Church is his writings. While he is a priest, St. Thomas had an open mind and saw that the natural order of things as God’s creation and that reason is a divine gift that everyone should cherish. (Read: Prayer for Overcoming Writer’s Block)

His last and uncompleted work was the Summa Theologiae. It deals with the whole of Catholic theology. However, he stopped working on it before it was completed. When asked why he stopped writing, St. Thomas replied, “I cannot go on… All that I have written seems to me like so much straw compared to what I have see and what has been revealed to me.”

Today, on his feast day, let us remember this brilliant saint by saying this prayer.

Prayer Before Study by St. Thomas Aquinas

O God, Creator of all that is,
From the treasures of Your wisdom,
You have arrayed the universe with marvelous order,
And now govern with skill and might.
You are the true fount of light and wisdom.

Pour forth a ray of Your brightness
Into the darkened places of our minds;
Disperse from our souls the twofold darkness into which we were born:
Sin and ignorance.

Grant to each of us:
Deftness of hand,
Keenness of mind,
Skill in learning,
Subtlety to interpret,
And eloquence in speech.

And since you have given us the privilege to share in the loving, healing, reconciling mission of Your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord, in this age and wherever we are,

May your Spirit make us wise;
May your Spirit guide us;
May your Spirit renew us;
May your Spirit strengthen us.

So that we will be
Strong in faith,
Discerning in proclamation,
Courageous in witness,
Persistent in good deeds.

May You guide the beginning of our work,
Direct its progress,
And bring it to completion.
You who bring all that is good to its proper end,
Now prosper the work of our hands.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,


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