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Pope Quiz: The Power of Positivity

It’s easy to think that life is all rainbows and balloons for happy people. But does being positive mean that life is never filled with problems and setbacks? My Pope clues you in on what it really means to be optimistic with this easy quiz.

True or False: Positive people are always happy and full of life.

Answer: False

It’s a myth that optimistic people are always peppy and upbeat. Just like everyone else, they can feel hurt, sad, angry, and depressed. But instead of focusing on these heavy emotions, they acknowledge them and concentrate on what they can do to lift their spirits.

True or False: People who are positive ignore their problems.

Answer: False

There’s a difference between being optimistic, and being in denial. Those who are optimistic refrain from escaping their problems. They don’t pretend their difficulties don’t exist. They see what the issues are and pour their efforts into finding solutions to them.

True or False: Being positive means you’re never affected by the bad things that happen.

Answer: False

Bad things happen to everyone, but positive people know that these setbacks are temporary. They know that they just need to do their part, and trust that they will be able to get back up again.

True or False: Positive people are silly and unrealistic.

Answer: False

Sometimes we think being smart—or being smarter than everyone else—means seeing all the issues, because as they say, knowledge is power. But overthinking things and getting stuck in a rut isn’t very wise, is it?


Text by Tata Mapa.

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