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The Pope’s prayer intention for March is about religious freedom in China

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for March 2020 is a timely one, given how traditional and social media continue to update us with the latest developments concerning COVID 19 here and around the world. 

Catholics in China” is the Holy Pontiff’s prayer intention for the month, according to the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, a movement, whose vision is “to pray and work to meet the challenges of the world identified by the Pope. His intentions are keys for our prayer and mission,” says its website. Each month for a year, Pope Francis picks a specific group of people, theme, or relevant issue and invites the faithful to join him in prayer. 

“We pray that the Church in China may persevere in its faithfulness to the Gospel and grow in unity,” says Lolo Kiko. 

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China is home to “less than 0.1% of Catholics,” says guest writer Xavier in his reflection on the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Ireland). “Living under strict restriction with little religious freedom, however, the Catholic community has shown incredible perseverance and vitality, who try their best to keep communion with the universal Church by suffering all difficulties and persecutions.” 

The threat of COVID 19 only adds to the challenges faced not just by Catholics, but all faiths in China. As the source of the outbreak of the deadly virus, China has the most confirmed cases (80,859) and deaths (3,100), according to a World Health Organization report dated March 8, 2020.  

In your hour of prayer, join the Holy Father and take time to include the safety and health of those living in China, as well as the speedy recovery of those diagnosed with the infectious disease in your intentions. 

“Pope Francis passionately invites the universal Church to pray for the church in China, that it may be more Catholic (United) and more Chinese at the same time,” says Xavier. 

Text by Joy Rojas. 

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