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Pope Urges Educators to Work Together Against Climate Change

According to the Pope, climate change is “much more a moral than a technical issue.”

At the March 24 UNESCO forum, Pope Francis sent a message about climate change and poverty. The event was attended by prestigious speakers and biodiversity protectors from around the world.

The Pope’s message was read by Archbishop Francesco Follo, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In it, he highlighted the importance of the fight against climate change and poverty, and called for the formation of a new model of development.

According to the Pope, climate change is “much more a moral than a technical issue.” Hence, it important to educate the new generations on “lifestyles that are respectful of creation.” (Read: Pope Warns Against Temptations, Says We Should Care for One Another)

“It is particularly important that young people are trained in the safeguarding of creation and respect for others,” the Pope said. “[They should] be able to engage in the promotion of new production and consumption habits, in order to generate a new model of economic growth that puts the environment and people at the center.”

Photo from Shutterstock/UNESCO

Act Together, Correct Mistakes

Pope Francis added that if we want to effectively fight climate change, we must act together and examine the current development model in order to correct its anomalies. (Read: CBCP Launches Nationwide Program for the Care of Environment)

“Providing concrete responses to the serious phenomenon of global warming is a moral imperative,” the Pope said. “Failure to act will have secondary effects, especially among the poorest strata of society, who are also the most vulnerable to these changes.”

Fight Climate Change

As such, Pope Francis highlighted the crucial importance of UNESCO in bringing attention to environmental issues. (Read: Archbishop Condemns Govt Ban on Use of the Term ‘Lumad’)

He noted that government leaders, civil groups, academic and scientific institutions, local communities, and indigenous people should all be encouraged to take part in the fight against climate change.

“These non-state actors show particular sensitivity in the search for innovative ways to promote a sustainable production and consumption system,” the Pope said.

(03 January 2021) Pope Francis during Angelus (Photo from Vatican Media)

To end his message, Pope Francis urged the forum participants to take urgent action, stressing that “time is running out for the search for global solutions,” and that the global health crisis obliges us to “recover our concern for human beings, for everyone, rather than the benefit of a few.”

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