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Here’s The Miraculous Healing That Led To Pope John Paul I’s Beatification

Pope John Paul I is one step closer to sainthood!

On October 13, Pope Francis welcomed Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. During the pope’s audience, he authorized the cardinal’s dicastery to already the communicate the decree saying that they have recognized a miracle attributed to the late Pope John Paul I.

With this recognized miracle, the late pope is now eligible for beatification–making him one step closer to sainthood. His causes was advanced alongside seven other causes for other Venerable Servants of God, including Argentinean priests Fr. Pietro Ortiz de Zàrate and Fr. Giovanni Antonio Solinas who were killed in odium Fidei (in hatred of the Faith) in 1683. (Read: 5 Books About the Curious Story of Pope John Paul I)

So what was the miracle the made it possible for the pope to be beatified? Here’s what we know!

Chance encounter

Candela Giarda (far left), with her mother and father José. (Photo from Today in 24 English)

According to the Congregation, the healing of a young girl was what made Pope John Paul I eligible for beatification.

An 11-year-old Argentinian girl was already at the end of her life, suffering from “severe acute inflammatory encephalopathy, a malignant refractory epileptic illness and septic shock.” Her illness caused multiple daily seizures and a septic state of bronchopneumonia. Because of the severity of the young girl’s case, doctors told her mother–Roxana Sosa– that there was nothing else they could to try and cure her, and that she was facing “imminent death”. (Read: Meet These 3 Venerable Servants of God Who Are One Step Closer To Sainthood!)

After hearing the news, Roxana went and prayed in the Catholic church next to the hospital, reports said. There, she “encountered Fr. José Dabusti, who came to pray at her daughter’s bedside on the night of July 22, 2011.” The priest told her that they leave her daughter’s case to the intercession of Pope John Paul I–so they did.

Improvements overnight

Photo from Libero Quotidiano

After praying to the late head of the Catholic Church, Roxana’s daughter showed signs of improvement the next day. From then on, the hospital staff joined her in praying to the Italian pope–who only served in office for 33 days–for her daughter’s condition to improve.

“On July 23, 2011, unexpectedly, there was a rapid improvement in septic shock, which continued with the subsequent recovery of hemodynamic and respiratory stability,” the Vatican website said. By August 25, the girl had been cleared of her status epilepticus, and on September 5, she was allowed to be discharged. (Read: The Rundown: The Steps Taken Before Sainthood)

Fr. Dabusti reported everything that had transpired to the Vatican and was told to list all pertinent details of the girl’s health condition. And 10 years later, the miracle had been recognized by Pope Francis who, coincidentally, was the archbishop of Buenos Aires during the time the miracle happened.

Now, the girl is 21 years old and pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. By God’s grace and Pope John Paul I’s intercession, she isn’t taking any medication.

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