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Pope Francis extends prayers to New Yorkers, says they hold a special place in his heart

With over 600,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, the US has moved to the top spot of the worldwide tally.

Pope Francis is one of the modern-day popes who likes to travel and visit different countries. In the last few years, he visited several cities and communities in Japan, Greece, and Thailand, to name a few. He even visited the Philippines back in 2015 and held a Mass at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila.

In the same year, the Pope also went to the US and visited Washington, New York, and Philadelphia. After these visits, New Yorkers, especially those in the towns of Queens and Brooklyn, have taken a special place in Pope Francis’s heart—a reason why Lolo Kiko called the Archbishop of New York to tell him that he’s praying for the people of New York amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In a press release, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that the Holy Father called him on April 14 to “express his love, concern, and closeness to all the people of New York.” The cardinal said that Pope Francis, who was calling from his home in Casa Santa Marta, specifically mentioned those who are sick during this pandemic.

“He asked me to relay his prayerful best wishes to the sick, the doctors, nurses, EMTs (emergency medical technicians), medical professionals, and caregivers who are tending to them, our civic leaders, as well as our priests, religious, and lay people,” Cardinal Dolan said in his press release. The pope also mentioned Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio and those at the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens. 

Coronavirus in the US

Currently, there are more than 640,000 cases in the United States, with 52,629 recoveries, and 28,579 deaths. And just this morning (PH time), the US recorded almost 2,600 new deaths in a 24-hour period, according to Johns Hopkins University. This number is the new record-high since the start of the pandemic.

Text by Katie Rojas.

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