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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Pope Phones Up Ice Cream Shop, Thanks Them for Gift of Gelato

A sweet gesture from our beloved Lolo Kiko who particularly loves ice cream!

Not only does Pope Francis has a sweet tooth, he is also fond of sweet gestures!

Just recently, Lolo Kiko personally called an ice cream shop for the gift of several pounds of Italian gelato. The ice cream shop, a historic gelateria owned by Mario Magrini, is located in Roseto degli Abruzzi in the province of Teramo in central Italy. The business will turn 100 next year. (Read: Have you tried these Pope Francis-inspired ice creams?)


Earlier this summer, Magrini sent Pope Francis a “brick” of the shop’s three best-sellers: coffee, vanilla, and cream. The gift was with a note that says, “As we pray for you, you pray for us.” And to Magrini’s surprise, he received a personal call—and thank you—from the Pope himself!

During the 15-minute phone call between the pontiff and the shop owner, Pope Francis reportedly said that he preferred the first flavor—coffee—and expressed his gratitude for Magrini’s kind gesture. 

Ice Cream Lover

Pope Francis has always loved ice cream. It can be recalled that during his flight back to the Vatican from the Philippines in 2015, Philippine Airlines had to change most of its alcohol supply to 300 packs of single-serve ice cream from Carmen’s Best. (Read: The Pinoy-Made Ice Cream that Pope Francis Loved)

Single servings of Malted Milk Flavor and Brown Butter Almond Brittle and 20 packs of pistachio ice cream were given as freebies by Carmen’s Best owner, Paco Magsaysay—and Pope Francis reportedly loved these flavors!

Photos from Carmen’s Best Ice Cream Facebook

However, for most Argentines, the Dulce de Leche flavor is a crowd favorite as it brings back memories of home. While this particular flavor is hard to find in Rome, there’s one shop within walking distance from the Vatican—Padrón Geletaria—that serves Dulce de Leche straight from Argentina. (Read: 3 Reasons to Try Cara Mia’s Best-Selling Gelato)

In 2018, Sebastian Padrón sent six pounds of ice cream to Pope Francis’ residence in Casa Santa Marta. The gesture earned him a hand-written note, a papal blessing, and a medal. His shop also became famous among the Pope’s Argentine friends.

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