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5 Times Pope Francis Championed Sustainable Living

Look deeper into Lolo Kiko's exceptional ways of living— and be inspired to do the same!

Pope Francis is known to be a staunch advocate of simple and sustainable living. His driving motivation? His love for the poor and the environment, of course. “A simple lifestyle is good for us, helping us to better share with those in need,” he says.

Look deeper into Lolo Kiko’s exceptional ways of living— and be inspired to do the same!

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Passion is Fashion

Photo from Vatican Media

Pope Francis’ personal style tells a lot about his humble lifestyle. When it comes to
his ceremonial and everyday robes, the Pope prefers austere white cassocks—the more washable and durable ones. He also favors small white capes rather than the classic red velvet mozzetta and even ditches the traditional gold cross to simplify the look! A true bearer of modesty and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Ride

Photo from AGF

“A car is necessary to do a lot of work, but please, choose a humbler one,” Pope Francis says. “If you like the fancy one, just think about how many children are dying of hunger
in the world.” And he makes sure to walk the talk! The Pope’s car of choice for moving around the Vatican is a compact Ford Focus or the all-electric Nissan Leaf that runs on renewable energy. Care for a drive?

Best Foot Forward

Twitter photo from @Avaaz

it’s a norm to see pontiffs wearing bright red shoes on occasional basis—until Pope Francis changed the game. The red shoes are symbolic for they recall the blood of the Passion of Christ. However, popes are not obligated to wear this extravagant footwear. Which is why Lolo Kiko settles for something much cheaper: his plain black shoes!

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Smarter Watch

Video screenshot from Third World Time YouTube channel

As part of his mission to make the church more focused on the poor, Lolo Kiko once told young priests and nuns that having the latest smartphone or fashion accessory does not equate to happiness. He himself lives by his words and the proof is on his wrist! The Pope prefers a plastic swatch or Casio watch to help him tell the time. Try to ask the Pope for the time when you visit the Vatican and see what we mean!

Humble Abode

Photo from Giornalettismo

Opting for a simpler way of living, Pope Francis has shunned a grand papal apartment on the top floor of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace. He lives in Casa Santa Marta— a guesthouse in the Vatican’s southern reaches where he often cooks his meals.


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