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Pope Francis on Easter Tuesday Mass: ‘Remain united and faithful during troubled times” 

Lolo Kiko asks the people to seek unity during this pandemic, and seek security with the Lord.

During his Easter Tuesday Mass, Pope Francis reminded everyone to remain united, especially in prayer, during the COVID-19 pandemic. “In these difficult times, may He allow us to discover the communion that binds us and the unity which is always greater than any division,” the pope said. 

He said that difficulties like this pandemic should lead to greater unity of the people. The pope then gave five points relating to unity and faithfulness to the Lord during his homily.

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Repent from illusions

“To repent means returning to faithfulness. There are always illusions that attract our attention,” Pope Francis said. But he says we are called to be of faith, in both good and bad times.

Lolo Kiko then recalls Acts 2:36-41, where Peter tells those in Jerusalem to repent and return to God. This verse also tells the story of St. Peter’s conversion during the Pentecost.

Icon of Fidelity

The Pope reminded us that we should be faithful to the Lord, after everything He has done for us. He remembered Mary Magdalene who wept patiently as she waited outside Jesus’s tomb (John 21:11-18). “She was there, faithful before the impossible. Hers is a faithfulness that led her to think she should carry away His body,” Pope Francis explained. 

Self-assuredness leads to unfaithfulness

Pope Francis said that when we make plans and feel secure with these plans, we tend to forget to become faithful and pray to the Lord. Because of the security we feel, we drift away from the Lord. “We don’t remain faithful. My security is no longer the Lord,” the Pope adds.

He compares it to 2 Chronicles 12:1, when Rehoboam, the first king of Judah, felt secure with his kingdom. Because of this, he forgot the law of the Lord and began to worship idols; the people of Israel did the same.

Adoring Idols

Lolo Kiko clarifies that being secure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that even with the security you feel, you must still remember that the Lord is with you and that He will keep you secure no matter what happens.

The Pope reminds us that even if we say we don’t adore idols, we still unconsciously do it—especially when we are self-assured. “Rather, security becomes a crutch and leads to sin when I put myself at the center and stop being faithful,” Pope Francis adds.

True security comes from God

To finish his homily, the Holy Father invites us to remain faithful to the Lord—especially during troubled times. “Today, let us ask the Lord for the grace of faithfulness, and to thank Him when He gives us security…the grace to be faithful even before the tomb and the collapse of so many illusions,” he ended.

Text by Katie Rojas.

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