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Four fun facts that prove Pope Francis’ love for Mama Mary

Mama Mary has always had a special place in the Santo Papa’s heart. In fact, the Pope is very proud of his Marian devotion that he almost always mentions the Blessed Mary in his public speeches!

But when did Pope Francis’ Marian devotion actually start? How does he express his commitment to the Virgin Mary and what are his habits when it comes to this particular devotion? My Pope traces four instances that distinctly show the Holy Pontiff’s beautiful bond with the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ.

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He has been a Marian devotee ever since he was young

Bergoglio Family
Then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, second from left in back row, poses for a picture with his family in an unknown location.

Influenced by his grandmother Rosa, young Jorge grew up in a family devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Even from when he became a priest to when he was already an archbishop, Pope Francis never failed to celebrate Marian feasts.

And just so you know, on the lower left portion of the Pope’s bishop, cardinal, and papal coat of arms, is a star––a symbol of the mother of Christ and the Church!

He considers the rosary as his ‘life companion’

Four fun facts that prove Pope Francis' love for Mama Mary - image pope-rosary on
“The Rosary is the prayer of my heart.” – Pope Francis

The rosary is the ultimate Marian prayer. Referring to the rosary, Pope Francis wrote: “It always accompanies my life. It is also the prayer of simple folks and saints. It is my heart’s prayer.” On two occasions, the Holy Pontiff had rosaries distributed in St. Peter’s Square, jokingly saying that it is the medicine for the heart, the “Misericordina” (little mercy.)

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He believes Mary is the mother of all Christians

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For the Pope, Christians cannot live without Mama Mary. Listening to those who say they don’t need Mary, he commented, “Poor orphans.” He said in a homily, “To test for a proper Christian vocation, we need to ask ourselves: how is my relationship with my two mothers, Mother Church and Mother Mary? This is not a pious thought. No: it is pure theology.”

He entrusts his Papacy under the Blessed Virgin Mary’s care

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Pope Francis during a Mass celebration at St. Peter’s square.

On March 14, 2013, the day after he was declared Pope, the Holy Father went to the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore to offer flowers to Our Lady Salvation of the Roman People.

From then on, the Holy Pontiff has made it a point to say a prayer to the image of Our Lady in the Pauline Chapel in the Apostolic Palace before leaving and upon arriving.


Text by Enzo Caffarelli.

Read more about Pope Francis’ Marian devotion in the May 2019 issue of My Pope Philippines..

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