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Vatican Donates Ventilators, Ultrasound Scanners to Brazil Hospitals

Over the course of the pandemic, Pope Francis has been active in extending help to countries in need.

Just recently, Pope Francis has donated ventilators and ultrasound scanners to Brazil’s hospitals. The move was done to give aid to the country which was badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a press statement, papal almoner Cardinal Konrad Krajewski said that the Vatican has donated 18 intensive care ventilators and six Fuji portable ultrasound scanners to hospitals in Brazil. These equipment, he says, will be shipped on the pope’s behalf. (Read: Pope Francis Hospital Boat Joins in the Fight Against COVID-19)

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As of writing, Brazil has reported 3.3 million cases of COVID-19 and 107, 852 deaths. The country has the second-highest officially recorded death toll in the world, after that of the United States.

According to Krajewski, the donation to Brazil was made through Hope—an Italian non-profit organization that has been instrumental in sending “the best possible high-tech, life-saving medical equipment through various donors” to hospitals dealing with COVID-19. (Read: Pope Francis donates respirators to Spain’s COVID-19 epicenter)

The devices will be delivered to hospitals in Brazil selected by the local apostolic nunciature. This process enables the donors to ensure that “Christian solidarity and charity can really help the poorest and neediest people.”

Extended Help

(March 27, 2020) Pope Francis donates 30 ventilators to hospitals in need. (Photo from

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pope Francis and the Vatican have been active in extending help to countries in need. In fact, Lolo Kiko has already previously donated four ventilators to Brazil. Likewise, he donated ventilators to Syria and Jerusalem, and has also sent diagnostic kits to Gaza and funds to the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem. (Read: Pope Francis Leads Prayers for Victims of Lebanon Explosion)

Earlier in March, the Office of Papal Charities, which Krajewski oversees, has sent 30 ventilators to 30 hospitals in neighboring countries such as Romania, Spain, and Italy. In June, 35 ventilators were also sent to needy countries. (Read: Vatican Publishes Compilation of ‘Lockdown Homilies’ by Pope Francis)

“The Holy Father, Pope Francis, incessantly addresses his heartfelt appeal to generosity and to solidarity with those populations and countries that suffer most from the epidemiological emergency of COVID-19,” Krajewski said. 

“In this sense also the Office of Papal Charities, to make the closeness and affection of the Holy Father tangible in this moment of hard trial and difficulty, has mobilized in different ways and on multiple fronts to look for medical supplies and electro-medical equipment to donate to health systems which find themselves in situations of crisis and poverty, helping them to find the means necessary to save and heal many human lives,” Krajewski said.

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