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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Pope Francis Before He Became a Priest

Has Pope Francis always wanted to become a priest? Although young Jorge Mario Bergoglio has always been fond of religion and spirituality, he initially enrolled in a technical school specializing in physics and chemistry. He even worked part-time as a food analyst before he found his true calling!

Schoolboy Days

Student life for young Jorge began in a nursery school in Buenos Aires. He must have enjoyed his years there, because during his stay in the Argentinian capital, Jorge would always visit the nuns there at least once a year, usually in March.

He was especially attached to Sister Dolores, who later on became a great source of support for Jorge when he had to undergo surgery in order to remove part of his lungs in 1957.

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Life as a Working Student

When Jorge went on to higher education, he already expressed his love for literature, psychology, and religion. However, after much convincing from his dad Mario, Jorge enrolled in a technical institution to pursue a diploma in chemistry.

As young as Jorge was, his father wanted him to get used to working whilst studying, so he found him a job in a hosiery factory. At first, Jorge was assigned to cleaning and other miscellaneous duties, until the time came when he would go to a laboratory to analyze food products.

Despite juggling his lives as a student and an employee, Jorge was happy. This went on until September 21, 1953, when Jorge’s life changed completely. He found his vocation, decided to become a priest, and later on become one of the world’s best-loved leaders.

Pope Francis Before He Became a Priest - image 3 on https://www.mypope.com.ph
Juggling lives as a student and an employee: adolescent Jorge was busy but happy.


Text by Aizel Dolom.
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