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Pope Approves Launching of Virtual ‘Fratelli Tutti’ School

The school aims to unite students from all over the world whose vocation is to transform lives through politics.

Pope Francis on Thursday blessed the launching of the “Fratelli Tutti Political School.” The project aims to unite young students from all over the world whose vocation is to transform people’s lives through politics.

Speaking at an event hosted by Scholas Occurentes— a papal foundation that Francis instituted in Argentina in 2001— Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles said that the school will highlight the Pope’s encyclical, Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship.

“In these difficult times, Scholas is an extraordinary element to strengthen the coexistence among young people, to share the essential values of God’s plan for humanity,” Gomez said.

“We hope that this step will help us to invite all the youth of the United States to share with each other and with the youth of the whole world, and to promote peace and solidarity in these difficult times, and always,” he added.

Scholas Ocurrentes has over 400,000 educational centers in 190 different countries— all of which are financed through public and private donations.

Fratelli Tutti Political School

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The Fratelli Tutti Political School will be located in the Vatican. But since most of its classes will be held virtually, the school expects to host between 20 to 50 young people from around the world.

According to the school’s website, virtual and face-to-face activities will commence in September 2021 and end in December 2022.

During the 15 month-program, lectures and virtual classes will be held weekly via two-hour zoom sessions. Physicals classes will also be held once a week in different parts of the world. (Read: A Look Into the Pope’s Relationship With World Leaders)

Applications are open until July 15, 2021. Enrollment is free.

Encyclical by Pope Francis

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Pope Francis’s third encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, was released in October last year. It has an entire chapter dedicated to politics that will now become the center of the Fratelli Tutti Political School. (Read: 2020 Recap: Five ‘Big Happenings’ for Pope Francis This Year)

Among the suggestions made by Pope Francis in his encyclical are the needs for politicians to fight “immediatism” or public policies solely linked to electoral gain, “populism,” and any form of “liberalism” that forgets about the people.

“Contempt for the weak can be hidden in populist forms, which use them demagogically for their own ends; or in liberal forms at the service of the economic interests of the powerful,” the Pope wrote in the encyclical.

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