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LOOK: Quirky Food-Inspired Earrings That Will Make You Hungry

For all the food lovers and fashionistas out there!

Aside from Korean-inspired blouses, chic oversized cardigans, cute skirts, and fancy footwear, a lot of trendy accessories like polymer clay earrings are popping up on the internet as well! 

You’ve probably seen those handmade and quirky polymer clay earrings on several online shops. There are faces of adorable animals, cartoon characters, food, and flowers that you can flaunt. But of course, the design that usually catches our attention is food! (Read: Love Food? Check Out These Cute Home Decorations!)

Wearing your favorite food or drink as an accessory and pairing it to your outfit would be definitely cool! If you’ve been planning to buy some of those earrings, this is the sign to go for it. Check out these online shops that sell quirky food-inspired earrings: 

Luwad PH

Photo from LUWAD Instagram

Can’t choose between sweet and savory taste? From gummy worms and candies to tacos and fried chicken, Luwad PH got both! Starting a business in the middle of a pandemic is a tough challenge, but it didn’t stop Danielle Gamboa and her 15-year old sister from pursuing their passion for creating polymer clay earrings. 

“When I bought a set of polymer clay online, my sisters and I made figures out of it for personal use only until we created too much, and that’s when we had the thought that maybe this is something we could make a business out of,” Danielle shares. 

Most of their designs are inspired by current trends, or sometimes, it’s just anything under the sun. Since they don’t want to stick with a certain style, they accept customized designs every once in a while. (Read: LOOK: Future Doctor Keeps Passion For Art Alive With Own Brand, ‘Soon The Moon’)

“We like being diverse in terms of the figures we make. This thought alone is what inspires us to never let anything hold us back from creating designs that may seem difficult to make,” she added. 

If you want to request a customized design of your favorite food, Luwad PH is right here! They also have other designs, including banana cue, empanada, cake, Oreo biscuits, coffee beans, and more. Price starts at PHP 70. You can message them on Instagram to order. 

Just Molly

Photo from Just Molly Instagram

Want a more Filipino vibe and style? Just Molly has a street food and childhood snacks collection! Molly Martinez decided to start a business in July 2020 while waiting for her graduation. 

“I started with baking donuts and making resin crafts till I discovered polymer clay. But since then, I have been fascinated with miniature toys, I never knew I would be making them back then,” Molly explains.

Just Molly originally started as a shop making figure skating accessories. They also create life-sized food such as noodles and faux cake! 

Her designs are inspired by what she eats and the childhood food that we rarely see nowadays. So, wouldn’t it be a bit nostalgic if your friends see you wearing your fave childhood snack? (Read: Hey, 90’s Kids! Don’t You Wish These Fast Food Items Would Make A Comeback?)

Rings and keychains with unique and fun designs are also available in their shop! Price starts at PHP 105. You can message them on Instagram or check out their Shopee store to order. 

Queer Ears 

Photo from Cute Earrings PH Instagram

For those who want more details in their earrings, Queer Ears is the perfect shop for you! You may choose from milk tea, fruit juice, milkshake, and even soju designs. Miya Inomata’s weird obsession with quirky earrings inspired her to start a business. 

“It was purely a spur of the moment thing and I said if I don’t sell any, I’ll just give them as gifts to friends. My first batch was sold out in two months and I didn’t expect that I would get this support nor do I need to even restock some items,” Miya said.

For her, the weirder, the better! Some of her designs are bathtub, toilet, soap, puzzle, face mask, and more! (Read: 3 ‘Weird’ Food Combinations You Should Try at Least Once)

“I once sold cockroach earrings that freaked me out every time I saw them. I had to keep them in a special box. I never restocked them but, I’m still happy that some actually bought them,” she shares.

Queer Ears also sells keychains and acrylic rings. Price starts at PHP 94. You can message them on Instagram or check out their Shopee store to order. 

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