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Passion or Career? Podcaster Marge Villaester Weighs In

The podcaster behind "Struggles Of A 20 Something" shares wise words from experience!

As the saying goes, “Choose the job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But what if passion won’t pay the bills?

“Should I do what I love?” We often ask ourselves that. For some, the answer is easy: Yes. But for others, their passions aren’t immediately likely to be profitable.

However, the dilemma is not purely black and white. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits to a dream career in the gray area, take it from podcaster Marge Villaester who took a leap of faith and made it work. (Read: 5 Podcasts by Empowered, Inspirational Filipinas)

How does Marge weigh in between chasing one’s passion or staying in a regular stable job? This podcaster behind “Struggles Of A 20 Something” tells My Pope Philippines in this exclusive interview!

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Passion or Career?

Marge, who used to be in a high-paying job before transferring to a humanitarian organization, is too familiar with this dilemma and the consequences that came with it.

“[This] has always been my dream ever since I started my undergraduate degree. So I’ve always wanted to be in this humanitarian organization, but in the development sector, we don’t really get paid enough so it’s been a struggle for me,” she shares. 

“It’s a choice between financial stability and my passion, so at some point in my life I didn’t have the privilege to go after my passion because I have to pay my bills, I have to help my family, so it’s really a choice you have to make,” Marge continues.

Marge says she had to wait first before her family has settled financially. Luckily, her mom also agreed to help her out with the finances which gave her the opportunity to follow her passion.  (Read: Art Bolinas: Why He Quit Corporate Life to Paint Images of God)

“It’s really a privilege to pick your passion. I don’t want to impose because it’s not for everyone. Not everyone will have a choice to really pursue your passion,” she adds.

“Remembering college days nung pinapangarap ko palang magtrabaho sa Red Cross. Ngayong andito na ko, Madali ba? Hindi. Worth it? Fulfilling? Sobra.” (Photos from Marge Villaester Facebook)

‘We All Have Different Timelines’

“Whenever you have a choice, if the time comes that you can choose already, please pursue your passion. Because we work for most of our lives, and I think it would be too draining to be in a job that sustains me financially but doesn’t really make me happy,” explains Marge.

While pursuing one’s passion can be both exciting and daunting, Marge still reminds us that it’s okay to fail in the pursuit of following your heart and must remember that everyone has different timelines.

“We all have different timelines, so I guess don’t be too harsh on yourself when you’re not yet able to pursue your passion,” she says. (Read: Kokoy de Santos on Life, Acting, and His Passion for Cooking)

“Pursue your passion whenever you can, but if not yet, it’s okay also. Don’t feel bad. Just wait for the right time to be able to do that,” she adds.

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