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Hey, Plant Parents! These Plants Make Beautiful Christmas Trees

How are you spicing up your Christmas this year?

With the pandemic threatening to ruin our Christmas plans, we have no choice but to stay at home to avoid a surge in cases. 

The upside to this is that we have no reason to not go extra with the Christmas decorations. After all, we all need something— or more!— to get us to that bright and merry feeling with everything happening around us. (Read: Vatican Unveils Christmas Tree, Showcases Ornaments Made by the Homeless)

But of course, we must take the necessary precautions, which makes it hard to shop for decorations nowadays. So if you don’t have a Christmas tree yet, why don’t you check out your garden or your plant collection for something that you can turn into a living Christmas tree? (Read: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Certified Plant Tita or Tito)

My Pope Philippines lists three plants you can start with!

Christmas Tree Plants: Norfolk Pine

Photos from The Home Depot and Michael Zajakowski / Chicago magazine

This plant very much resembles a pine tree with its thin leaves that gather in one stem. It can be easily found in gardens and backyards because it can grow up to 15 meters tall. With its height and commanding presence, the Norfolk Pine can very well be the star of your garden this Christmas— just throw in some lights and tinsels and you’re good to go! (Read: Now, You Can Marvel at Pampanga’s Parols Thru CCP Online and On-Site)

Christmas Tree Plants: Manila Palm

Photos from Beeboyz inc Instagram and Susan Crow Blog

Palm trees adorned with Christmas lights are common— just take the roads of Metro Manila during Christmas and you’ll see what we mean. They add a Filipino vibe and a tropical touch to the festivities during this season. Added bonus is their height, because much like the Norfolk Pine, the Manila Palm can be a star! It’s also easy to maintain that’s why many gardens have them. (Read: This Trendy Christmas Stamp Will Add a Pinoy Touch to Your Holiday Card)

Christmas Tree Plants: Succulents

Photo from Succulent City Instagram and Terracotta Corner / Etsy

If you have a cramped space, you can use your succulents as makeshift Christmas trees. You can decorate them with lights, garlands, and other baubles or cluster them together to create an entire “tree.” Not only do they look adorable, but they can also be used as mini decorations that you can distribute around your house and place as a center decor on your tabletops. (Read: 5 Flowering Plants That Are Easy to Propagate Indoors)

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