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#PisayGiveUsABreak Trends Online As Students Demand Academic Break

As of writing, the hashtag already has over 12,000 tweets from tired and overworked students.

A few weeks ago, the new school year began with a different teaching method—distance learning. This has forced both teachers and students to learn how to do online teaching and learning so they could cope with the situation at hand. And because of this, different issues about online classes have become a problem for many.

Aside from concerns about expensive gadgets and unstable internet connection, students from different schools and levels are also complaining about the amount of workload that their teachers and school administrations are giving them. (Read: We Asked Teachers: How Are You Adapting to Online Learning?) It comes as bulks of assignments, projects, and papers have to be submitted in a matter of days, forcing students to either stay up all night or submit mediocre work just to comply.

Such a setup in online learning has been too stressful for both the teachers and the students, which is why many are calling for an academic break or academic freeze to prioritize their health and well-being. (Read: Liza Soberano Opens Up About Anxiety, Shares Tips for Good Mental Health)


One of the schools calling for an academic break is the Philippine Science High School—better known as “Pisay.” On Sunday night, October 18, the hashtag #PisayGiveUsABreak trended on Philippine Twitter as enrolled students from the high school clamor for an academic break.

Photo from Miguel de Guzman / Philippines STAR

Using the hashtag, students post about how their workload is piling up and how they are not being able to rest because of the number of requirements they have to submit. A student tweeted saying, “[Pls] instead of all the mental health seminars maybe let the students rest.” while another one said that they are already overworked physically and mentally which is why the academic break is badly needed.

Overworked or Privileged?

Following the outpour of tweets from students, some netizens have criticized the trending hashtag #PisayGiveUsABreak. There are some who called the students “privileged” for asking for a break, while others have called the movement a “Dilawan” propaganda.

As a response, students from Pisay were quick to explain their point in trending it, saying that even the teachers are having burnout due to the number of things needed to be done for online classes. The trend, according to them, is their way of calling the attention of the school administration and asking them to give both the students and teachers a break to rest. (Read: Pasig City Raises P1.2 Billion to Buy Gadgets for Online Classes)

As of writing, there is still no statement from the Pisay administration regarding the academic break students are asking for. Students are trying to keep the hashtag trending until the administration notices. Currently, the hashtag has over 12,000 tweets and is still gaining traction.

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