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3 Pinoy-Made Chocolates for Your Next Cup of Hot Cocoa

These award-winning chocolates will make you crave for more!

Christmas is only a month away, which means holiday flicks are now slowly making their way to streaming sites like Netflix. And one of the new films that are making waves right now is the much-awaited sequel to Vanessa Hudgens’ 2018 holiday movie, The Princess Switch.

But more than its excitingly new character and plot, the second installment titled The Princess Switch: Switched Again is also loved by many for its whimsical and festive sceneries, snow (a lot of it!), and holiday food. Yes, from soft cookies to cake, the movie treats viewers to a feast of yummy-looking, mouthwatering food!

And since we’re now talking about food, we’d want to put the focus on the main characters’ love for hot chocolate. In one scene, Stacy’s best friend Kevin even tried to teach Margaret how to make the warm, delicious drink saying, “We need sugar, powdered cocoa, milk, and vanilla.” (Read: The Secret Behind Your Favorite Chocolate Cupcakes)

The recipe sounds easy, just four ingredients and you’ll be able to drink a warm cup of chocolate that just makes you feel the holidays even more. But did you know that you can use our very own local chocolates instead of powdered cocoa for this drink?

Hot Cocoa Recipes: Malagos Chocolate

Photos from Malagos Chocolate Facebook

Malagos chocolate is an award-winning chocolate brand from Davao. It has received awards from the UK’s Great Taste Awards, International Chocolate Awards, and Academy of Chocolate Awards, among others, since 2015. It boasts of fine, delicious chocolate bars and is the only ‘tree-to-bar’ chocolate in the country. The Malagos chocolate cacao variants were also recognized as “Heirloom Cacao” in 2019.

Hot Cocoa Recipes: Auro Chocolate

Photo from Auro Chocolate Facebook

Auro chocolate is made from locally-sourced beans from Davao. Its beans have been awarded as one of the Top 20 Best Cacao Beans in the World, and is the fastest-growing bean-to-bar chocolate in the country. Their facility in Calamba, Laguna is also Halal- and HACCP-certified which means you can be assured that the chocolates were processed under safe food handling techniques and equipment. (Read: Pope Francis meets his life-size chocolate match)  To date, the Auro chocolate has already received 23 international awards and still continues to be recognized around the world.

Hot Cocoa Recipes: True Chocolate PH

Photos from True Chocolate PH Facebook

True Chocolate PH is a small business owned by Treena Tecson, a chocolatier and certified chocoholic. Their beans are locally-sourced from Silay and La Castellana farms in Bacolod, and the chocolates are made by hand and in small batches only. True Chocolate’s products are made with only the finest local ingredients and with utmost passion and love.

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