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4 Pinoy Celebrities Who Share the Same Birthday as Pope Francis

Just like Lolo Kiko, these Filipino icons are inspirational in their own ways!

If you’re someone who loves the entertainment industry, for sure you already know which celebrity shares the same birthday as you. But do you know those who have the same birthdate as Pope Francis?  

Well, today, as we celebrate our beloved Pope’s 84th birthday, My Pope Philippines lists five Filipino celebrities who were born on the exact same date as Lolo Kiko! (Read: The true meaning of birthdays, according to Pope Francis)

A world-renowned Filipino boxer, a widely regarded comedian, and two highly respected actors do not just share the same date of birth with Lolo Kiko— they also have their own inspirational stories to tell!

Celebrities Born on December 17: Manny Pacquiao 

Photo from Manny Pacquiao Facebook

Professional boxer Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, popularly known as “Manny Pacquiao” or “PacMan,” was born on December 17, 1978, in the town of Kibawe in Bukidnon, Mindanao. A world-renowned athlete, Pacquiao is regarded as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time— bringing pride to many Filipinos who have been looking up to him for his inspiring story of hard work, perseverance, and success.

Today, Manny juggles his many commitments by serving the country as one of its senators and at the same time consistently attending training and boxing competitions every year.

Celebrities Born on December 17: Michael V.

Video screenshot from Michael V. #BitoyStory YouTube channel

Beethoven Michael del Valle Bunagan, known as “Michael V” or “Bitoy,” is a Filipino actor, comedian, and recording artist. He is one of the many celebrities who celebrate the same birthday as the Pope as he was born on December 17, 1969. 

A popular comedian in the Philippines, Michael V has been bringing smiles and laughter to every Filipino home for more than 30 years now. His TV show, Bubble Gang, is one of the longest-running spoof shows in the country, having been released in 1995 and still going on air even to this day. (Read: Bitoy Recovers From COVID-19, Gives Useful Tips Against the Virus)

Aside from his daily commitments on TV, Michael V is also often seen on YouTube, making informative vlogs that cover a wide range of topics such as traveling, technology, and even science. (Read: 5 Must-Watch Vlogs From Michael V’s YouTube Channel)

Celebrities Born on December 17: Leon Miguel

Photo from Cmerioles/ Wikipedia

Noel I. Aparilla, popularly known for his screen name “Leon Miguel,” is widely regarded as an “International Filmfest Veteran”. His most recent recognition was in 2016 where he earned the Best Actor award at the International Film Festival Manhattan for his performance in the film Redlights. (Read: 5 Masterpiece Films to Watch Out For at Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino)

Born on December 17, 1968, in Masbate province, Leon Miguel is also an actor and engineer. His other notable works in the film industry include the 2012 film Graceland: A Life for Every Lie where he gained worldwide attention for his lead villain role, and the 2016 political film EJK which competed in four international festivals in Canada, California, and Russia.

Celebrities Born on December 17: Gina Preño

Photo from (‘Hintayan ng Langit’) Globe PH YouTube

Veteran Actress Gina Pareño was born on Dec 17, 1949. A daughter of a German-American father and a Filipina mother, Pareño started her showbiz career in the 1960s as an extra in several films and then later on became one of the artists of Sampaguita Pictures.

Today, Pareño is widely-regarded as an established name in the Filipino film industry. Her most notable works include the 1996 classic film Magic Temple, the 2006 film Kubrador, and the 2018 romantic comedy film, Hintayan ng Langit.


Text by Mark Baccay and Aizel Dolom.

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