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Throwback Tuesday: 3 Iconic Phineas and Ferb Episodes

The first episode aired on August 17, 2007--exactly 14 years ago!

On this exact day 14 years ago, everyone first heard the lyrics, “There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end that.” Yes, it’s been 14 years since Disney Channel released the first ever episode of the animated show, Phineas and Ferb.

That means many of those who saw the first episode in 2007, as a young kid, are probably already in college, or are now part of the workforce! And while the original “fans” of Phineas and Ferb are now adults, a lot of them still quote the characters, share memes about it, watch old episodes, and even make younger generations watch it. (Read: 5 Things to Know About Filipino Animator Ronnie del Carmen)

That’s because Phineas and Ferb is one of the iconic shows that have come out of the early 2000’s. So for today, to celebrate its 14th anniversary, let My Pope Philippines take you on a trip down memory lane by reminiscing on a couple of unforgettable Phineas and Ferb episodes!

Iconic Phineas and Ferb Episode: Flop Starz

In an attempt to follow in the footsteps of their mom, Linda, Phineas and Ferb create a song that they hope would make them a one-hit wonder just like Linda who used to be known by her stage name, Lindana. The step-siblings succeed in becoming a one-hit wonder, all in one day. This episode gave us one of the most iconic songs to have come out from the series, Gitchee Gitchee Goo”!

Iconic Phineas and Ferb Episode: Tip of the World

Have you ever wondered what the plastic thing on the tip of your shoelace is called? Well, thanks to this Phineas and Ferb episode, we finally got to know what it was called–the aglet! The two imaginative boys even make a song about it to spread the word about the term. “A-G-L-E-T, don’t forget it. Brings us closer to our sole, yeah!” says the lyrics. (Read: The Modern Day Dad: Cartoonist talks about work-life integration)

Iconic Phineas and Ferb Episode: Rollercoaster: The Musical

This episode was the recreation of the pilot episode–but with more music. Inspired by Broadway shows, the episode referenced the likes of Cats, Singing in the Rain, Chicago, and other classic musicals all in one 30-minute episode! And if you’re a High School Musical fan, you would’ve surely enjoyed the cameo HSM director Kenny Ortega made at the end.

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