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3 Period Dramas You Can Watch Besides Bridgerton

A few other options if Bridgerton is not your cup of tea.

During the last few days of December and the first few weeks of January, one of the most talked-about topics on social media was the Netflix series Bridgerton.

The period drama set in the Regency Era of London has become the hot topic during the holiday break as it has a drama-filled plot, beautifully made costumes, and beautiful and handsome actors. In fact, it’s become so phenomenal that it broke Netflix’s record of most-viewed series on the platform with a whopping 63 million views in just a few weeks!

But despite its overwhelming success, Bridgerton was not everybody’s cup of tea. Some said that the love scenes were too graphic, while others said that the plot wasn’t written that well. Whatever the reason may be, some are opting not to join the bandwagon because of these reasons, among others. (Read: All the Netflix Films Coming This January)

So if you’re a period drama fan, but doesn’t want to watch Bridgerton, My Pope Philippines is listing some shows available on Netflix that you can binge instead!

Period Drama on Netflix: The Crown

The Crown is a Netflix original drama that depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom, from when she first took on the role at 25 years old to more modern times. It also chronicles the scandals, issues, rivalries, and romances that had made their way to headlines over the years, and helped shape the 20th century.

Period Drama on Netflix: The English Game

The English Game is a Netflix original which talks about how two 19th century footballers from two different classes broke barriers and made football (soccer) what it is now. The miniseries— only six episodes long— is based on a true story and will show us how sports can defy barriers and class divides, and how modern football is now a sport played by everyone, everywhere. (Read: Netflix to Launch Docuseries Based on Pope Francis’s Book)

Period Drama on Netflix: Anne with an E

Set in the 1890’s, Anne with an E talks about a young orphaned girl who is looking to find her place in the world. 13-year-old Anne had been previously sent to abusive homes and foster parents, until she is mistakenly sent to live with aging siblings. This coming of age drama depicts how one young girl— unique, creative, imaginative— changes the lives of many for the better, despite all she has been through.

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