Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Prayer for People With Disabilities

Let us believe in them and encourage them to believe in themselves too. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is important to recognize how people with disabilities are impacted by it in terms of health, education, transportation considerations, and other necessities. They have additional underlying health needs that make them more vulnerable to the COVID-19. Most of them struggle psychologically, spiritually, and financially. Their families who are tirelessly taking care of them face difficulties as well. 

This July, let us celebrate Disability Pride Month by not only recognizing the skills and talents of people with disabilities but also take the time to learn how you can be a better ally and support them.

We should try our best to understand their call, hear their stories, and inform other people about their daily challenges all throughout the year. Let us believe in them and encourage them to believe in themselves too. Today, let us pray for their safety, health, and condition. Things are tougher for them at this moment. (Read: 5 Things We Can Learn From Helen Keller, Disability Rights Advocate)

Prayer for People With Disabilities

Loving God, you make each living person in your image and likeness and present us as a gift and seed of love to the human race. We praise you, Lord, for all of your gifts. Lord, we see you in all those living with disabilities. And give you thanks for loving parents who welcome and nurture them even in the face of obstacles or rejection. Guide our hands to build access and welcome. Guide our minds to understand the power and wisdom of human vulnerability. Guide our actions to create communities. Open to the gifts of each individual. May we understand that your body is incomplete When people are left behind. We pray through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

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