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Call On These Patron Saints of Bakers To Bless Your Baking Spree

Be blessed as you bake!

Do you have trouble baking? The patron saints of bakers are here to guide you! They might help you get motivated and bless your ingredients or kitchen for a more fruitful outcome.

Baking played a significant role during ancient times when bread was usually a part of daily meals. Until now, bread is still present in religious gatherings. It even has a significant meaning related to Catholicism. People won’t be able to enjoy bread and other pastries without the bakers. (Read: What is the Spiritual Significance of Bread?)

In Catholicism, there are two saints considered as patron saints of bakers– St. Honore and St. Elizabeth. Read on to get to know them more.

Patron saint of bakers: St. Honore

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St. Honore, also known as St. Honotarus, was the seventh bishop of Amiens and one of the youngest bishops in the church’s history. He was said to be virtuous from birth who came from a wealthy and influential family. (Read: Celebrate the Feast Day of St. Honore With This Cake Recipe!)

According to a legend, when St. Honore was proclaimed as a bishop, his nursemaid, who was baking bread for his family, refused to believe it. She remarked that she would believe the news if the peel she used to bake bread sprouted roots and grew into a tree. A miracle surprised them when they planted the peel and grew into a mulberry tree that produced flowers and fruit. Since then, St. Honore has become the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs!

Patron saint of bakers: St. Elizabeth

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Born in Hungary, St. Elizabeth was a princess of the Kingdom of Hungary. She was venerated as a Catholic saint who was an early member of the Third Order of St. Francis, in which she was honored as its patroness. After being married and widowed at an early age, she continued her charity work by serving the poor and sick. St. Elizabeth used to take care of the sick and distribute bread to people, mostly children.

Her charity works inspired many Catholics. She is the patron saint of bakers, beggars, brides, nurses, charities, and the death of children. (Read: 3 Cookie Varieties And Recipes To Honor St. Hildegard)

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