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Here’s How To Pass the UPCAT– As Told By A UP Freshman

Study hard, don’t cheat, pray, and let God.

All Jerico Marco Borbon wanted in life was to study Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in a nearby college and become a Certified Public Accountant. Little did he know, God has other plans and he’s in for a surprise.

In July of this year, Jerico became one of the successful UP College Application 2021 passers out of more than 100,000 applicants. He will be taking a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (BS-ABME) degree at the UP-Los Baños for the academic year 2021-2022.

Why UP?

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The University of the Philippines is almost every student’s dream university. When you say UP, people look up to you as it is known for its “highly competitive admission processes and a strong commitment to academic excellence”. (Read: UP Releases 2021 College Admission Results)

This year, due to COVID-19 health protocols, colleges/universities did not conduct entrance exams, instead, a composite of the final grades in Grade 8, 9, 10, and first semester of Grade 11 became the basis to determine the UP admission grade (UPG).

“Though I know I have good grades because I’m a consistent honor student, I wasn’t really expecting to pass. My plan is to apply only to one of the colleges nearby and UP. I didn’t apply to other schools because I didn’t have any intention to study there,” he admits.

In fact, he was all ready to submit his requirements to this nearby college a month before the submission date, but when the UP admission results came out, his plans changed. He was overwhelmed with emotions. 

“I felt mixed emotions. Happy, but also worried because it was never in my plan to study outside of my comfort zone. Besides, I don’t have any idea what the BS-ABME program is all about. It was out of curiosity and time pressure why I chose it during my application,” he says.

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How to pass the university admissions

Jerico believed that the best ways to pass any admissions or tests are to study hard, don’t cheat, and pray.

“Always study hard, not only when exams are near. Every single day of studying hard is showing your sincerity and commitment to victory. What you planted today, you’ll surely reap in the future. Plant good seeds and you will harvest sweet fruits,” says Jerico.

He also called out people who resort to cheating during difficult times.  “Cheating is very appealing especially when you’re suffering, but remember that’s not the right way to success.” (Read: A Prayer for Successful Work)

He also advised students to be proud of themselves for trying their best whatever the results. “There are things that we can’t really have no matter hard we try but that’s okay. Maybe it’s God’s own way of redirecting us to a better path,” he says.

“God knows what we want or need, but He wants to hear that from us through prayer. The Lord is merciful, He will grant our prayers especially if we deserve them,” he adds.

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Study habits

Jerico realized that if he did not perform well during his high school years, he won’t be admitted to UP. He was a consistent honor student.

In class, Jerico loved taking notes. It helped him remember and understand the lesson or concepts more if he has something to open and read compared to just “listening”.

He also preferred studying at night when there’s less noise and light. “I got used to it. I used to study and review for quiz bees without electricity in our house. I was in Grade 4 to Grade 9 at that time. I can also focus on studying when there’s an earphone in my ear even though there’s no music playing,” he shares. (Read: 5 Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated and Focused on Your Goals)

Jerico with the Social Communications Ministry members (Photo courtesy of subject)

Extracurricular activities

Apart from being a student, Jerico serves as the Assistant Coordinator for External Affairs of the Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) at the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish in Rodriguez, Rizal. He is also an active member and one of the ‘Pamayanan’ (community) leaders of the Lectors and Commentators’ Ministry (LCM). In May 2021, he also joined the parish’s Social Communications Ministry (SoCom) as one of its videographers/cameraman and video editor.

For Jerico, having church commitments play an important role in building oneself. “The school did not require us to join [any] church organizations, but I feel really blessed and privileged every time I serve. It gives me joy,” says Jerico. (Read: Cecille Tuddao Shares How Her Family Started Serving God)

“I’d been through tough times and the church is my only refuge. What if I’m not serving the church and times are difficult? How will I respond? I think I won’t be this tough and positive to face these challenges,” he concludes.  

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