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ICYMI: Park Seo Joon Set To Star In A Marvel Studios Movie!

His entertainment agency has yet to disclose what movie the actor will star in.

On September 3, Park Seo Joon, one of Korea’s most in-demand celebrities, was spotted at the airport. Many wondered where the 32-year-old actor was heading, and his agency, Awesome Ent, answered the fans’ question through a post on their official website.

According to the agency, PSJ–as he is fondly called by many–has flown to an undisclosed location to film a Marvel Studios movie! “We thank the many people who have shown interest and support for Park Seo Joon as he takes on this new challenge,” Awesome Ent said. However, they said that they can’t disclose what movie he is appearing in, what character, and where the filming location is, at the moment. (Read: My Pope Asks: What Is The Korean Coffee Truck Culture?)

However, on the IMDb page of ‘The Marvels’, PSJ is now listed in the cast! The Marvels is the sequel to the 2019 film, Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson as the titular character. She will reprise the role for the movie which is slated to be released in 2022.

So while waiting for PSJ’s Hollywood breakthrough, why not rewatch some of his K-dramas so we won’t miss him too much while he films the movie? Here are our top picks!

PSJ K-Drama Picks: Fight For My Way

Photo from Netflix

Fight For My Way is a 2017 romance drama starring PSJ, alongside Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun), Ahn Jae-Hong (Reply 1988), and Song Ha-Yoon (Reset). He played Ko Dong-man, a former taekwondo star who had to quit because of a bad experience and is now an unknown mixed martial arts fighter. Dong-man has to navigate through life step by step, and deal with challenges and new experiences along the way.

PSJ K-Drama Picks: She Was Pretty

Photo from Netflix

The 32-year-old actor topbilled the 2015 romcom She Was Pretty, which also starred Hwang Jung-Eum (Kill Me, Heal Me) and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. He played stubborn and arrogant, but brilliant Ji Sung-Joon, who is South Korea’s youngest deputy chief editor. The story centers in on Sung-Joon reconnecting with his childhood best friend who he doesn’t recognize anymore because of physical changes, and how he falls in love with their magazine’s junior editor, who turns out to be the very person he has been trying to reconnect with. (Read: LOOK: This Makati Restaurant Offers Kdrama-Inspired Food Sets!)

PSJ K-Drama Picks: Itaewon Class

Photo from Netflix

This is the most recent K-drama Seo-Joon starred in. The 2020 drama saw the actor play as Park Sae-ro-yi, a proprietor of a bar-restaurant in Itaewon, who was previously imprisoned for attacking another person who was the cause of his father’s death. After his release, his life is now all about getting back at the people who did him wrong by defeating the company they owned through his own franchise.

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