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Jennylyn Mercado’s Tips To Easing Your Child’s Worries Amid ‘New Normal’

Parenting amid the COVID-19 isn't supposed to be that hard. Take it from Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado!

Even under normal circumstances, raising a child can be stressful.  And with the current pandemic, parenting has become even more challenging. 

Now that the coronavirus outbreak is spreading rapidly in the country, there may be others who are finding it hard and scary to suddenly cope with the “new normal.” (READ: Filipino doctors give tips on how to navigate the ‘new normal’)

Though it may be difficult, actress Jennylyn Mercado takes it as a chance to reconnect and create valuable moments with her family. Here are some parenting tips from the Kapuso actress to help mothers like her navigate the new normal.

Spend more time with your children.

Photo from Jennylyn Mercado Facebook

Jennylyn embraces the fact that Alex Jazz, her 11-year-old son with former boyfriend and actor Patrick Garcia, is growing up too fast. That’s why while they’re in quarantine, the actress makes sure to spend more time bonding with and taking care of her son. 

“I play with him so he won’t get bored. I don’t let him use his iPad too much, and we watch educational shows. I’m maximizing our bonding time until I get busy again when work resumes,” Jennylyn says in an interview

Be mindful of explaining the situation to young ones.

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What the world is going through right now is one for the history books to tell. If your kids are too young to understand the ongoing pandemic, it is best to spare them from the woes of the world. 

“Jazz is too young to understand the weight of the consequences of the pandemic. I would rather not alarm him,” Jennylyn explains

COVID-19 may not appear to be a major concern for children’s health, but the youngest among us may still be affected in different aspects. If not being careful, children may develop trauma from the overwhelming, upsetting, and frightening state of the world at the moment.  (READ: 5 Easy Ways to ‘Be There’ For A Loved One With Depression)

Be their #1 teacher—in school and in life!

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As of the moment, no one really knows when the pandemic will end. And because of this, many parents raised several concerns with regard to the interruption in their children’s learning. But for Jennylyn, the pandemic should not be a hindrance to education; the actress has been acting up as her son’s personal teacher at the moment. 

“Since everything is uncertain at the moment, Jazz is being home-schooled. I teach him using the modules from his school,”  Jennylyn shares. 

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