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Pancake Warrior shares how he makes art in a pan

Picachu, Naruto, or even Hanamichi Sakuragi, name your favorite characters and he could make edible versions of them for you! Leonard John Orbase, popularly known as the Pancake Warrior, shares how he “saves” people (he has over 150,000 followers on YouTube) by making them happy with his cute creations.

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What is pancake art and why did you start making it?

Pancake art is making designs from your ordinary pancake mix—but with added colors and flair. It started when I was strolling inside a mall and I saw this non-stick pancake pan on sale. An idea popped up, so I also bought squeeze bottles, a spatula, and Maya Hotcake Mix—I use Maya because I can easily mix it with food coloring. When I got home, I made my very first pancake art and uploaded it on YouTube. I didn’t really expect anyone would view it.

How is pancake art different from other art forms?

The difference with this art is that I can eat it—that’s the best part! The most difficult thing about it, though, is that you don’t know how it will turn out until you flip it. Flipping is exhilarating because it’s only then that you’ll know if you’re successful or not. I try my best to make sure that it comes out perfectly every time.

Any tips you can share?

You should plan first what you want to make to give you an idea on what colors to prepare. Aside from food coloring, you can also use marshmallows, chocolates, sprinkles, or fruit slices for colors. There are a lot of ways to make pancake art. You just have to use your imagination, and don’t forget to have fun!

Watch Leonard’s work below:



Text by Yen Cantiga.

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