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5 Snacks You Can Make With Pancake Mix

Pancake mix can make a whole lot more than just pancakes!

Pancakes are definitely an irresistible and indulging snack! No wonder why most of us usually have a box of pancake mix stocked in our kitchen cabinets. But did you know that there are more snacks you can make with pancake mix other than pancakes?

If you’re getting into baking lately, try to start practicing your baking skills by experimenting with different snacks using pancake mix. Whether it is homemade or store-bought, you can always whip up something delicious in no time! (Read: 3 Ways to Use Pancake Mix for Breakfast Twists)

Here are 5 snacks you can make using that box of pancake mix in your kitchen cabinets (don’t worry, they’re so easy!). 

Pancake Mix Snack: Fried Oreos

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Do you have some packs of Oreos at home? Grab them now and begin coating them with pancake mix! Deep-fried Oreos will surely impress your friends or family, especially kids. Its golden brown perfection and crisp make every bite more irresistible. Just dip the Oreos in the mixture and fry until it is golden brown. You can sprinkle milk powder or drizzle chocolate syrup for extra sweetness! Follow the recipe here.

Pancake Mix Snack: Chocolate chip cookies

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These simple yet addictive chocolate chip cookies will probably keep you wanting more! Cookies are the best snack suitable for any occasion. It is also one of the best presents to offer. Wouldn’t it be more heartwarming if you will personally bake them to give to someone? Instead of preparing tons of ingredients, you only need six ingredients in making these chewy chocolate chip cookies! Follow the recipe here. (Read: 4 Fun Facts About Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Pancake Mix Snack: Corn dogs

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Bring the carnival vibe to your home by making yummy corn dogs! Since both hotdogs and pancake mix are always available in markets or grocery stores, it is easier to gather the ingredients for this snack. Some recipes would require cornmeal, but pancake mix alone would work too. You can use mini or jumbo hotdogs, even cheese dogs! Similar to fried Oreos, simply dip the hotdogs in the mixture and fry. To make it sweet and savory, drizzle maple syrup or honey! Follow the recipe here.

Pancake Mix Snack: Brownies

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Using pancake mix as the base for gooey and fudgy brownies is a game-changer. Your whole family will enjoy this sweet treat when binge-watching a movie or just chilling during the weekend! It can also serve as a dessert after dinner. Brownies made of pancake mix are easier to make as it consists of fewer ingredients. It is like chocolate pancakes but in a chocolate flavor! Follow the recipe here. (Read: Here’s Where to Get the Famous Brownie Hopia and Nutella Buchi)

Pancake Mix Snack: Pancake donuts

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Another great pancake mix hack that is worth trying is making pancake donuts! A warm and sugary donut paired with a coffee or chocolate drink is a perfect combo. The good thing about these homemade donuts is that you can choose whatever topping you prefer! This recipe is one of the fun and easy ways to upgrade the usual pancakes. Follow the recipe here

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