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Palpitate PH Cafe Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Add this to your list, coffee lovers!

We all know that regardless of the palpitations that coffee gives, we cannot let go of its warm and creamy taste that fuels us throughout the day! That’s why many customers relate to the tagline and concept of this newly opened minimalist cafe Palpitate PH, which is “Coffee now, palpitate later.” We can all agree, right?

Palpitate PH is one of those Instagrammable cafes in the metro that serves good coffee and pastries so this could be the next hangout spot with your friends. Its relaxing and aesthetic vibes will make you feel at home– dfinitely a perfect place for those who want to chill or study and spend time with themselves over a cup of coffee! (Read: What’s Hot in 2021: A Barista’s List of Must-Try Coffee Drinks)

But how did this cafe start? 

A space for coffee and friendship

Photos from Palpitate PH Facebook

Having a cafe of their own is one of the biggest dreams of the couple, Thor and Herlyn. Unable to open their long-desired cafe due to lack of funds, they dedicated their time grasping everything about coffee. They attended coffee trainings and visited numerous coffee shops around Luzon to gather ideas and concepts.

The couple were not coffee lovers to begin with until they learned to embrace the coffee culture and fell in love with it! So, they decided to pursue their dream cafe this month as Palpitate PH.

“Though both learned to love coffees on their side, Thor, most of the time, gets palpitations from drinking coffee. Thus, coming up with the brand name Palpitate,” Herlyn shares. 

Palpitate PH is very passionate about coffee and the culture of friendship and shared spaces it creates. “Palpitate PH will make your heart beat faster,” the couple said. (Read: Exclusive: Sulok Cafe’s Owners Share How They Bounced Backed After Closing Shop)

Prepare to palpitate

Photos from Palpitate PH Facebook

Palpitate PH uses variety of beans from different types of arabica such as Sumatra Arabica and Vietnam Premium Arabica. They depend on the customers’ preference, from fruity, citrusy, nutty to chocolatey notes of arabica beans to make sure that everyone will enjoy every cup they serve!

The best-seller is their Signature Latte, which has a well-balanced bitter, sweet, and salty taste. It is made from their own signature cream and topped with cocoa powder. You might notice that most of their coffee forms refreshing and appealing layers, making it more addictive to drink!

Palpitate PH crafted its coffee from the best shot of espresso that is extracted from premium grade specialty beans. It is mixed with whole milk with 3.5% fat and added natural flavors and sweeteners. (Read: Hot Cocoa Can Make You Smarter, Study Finds)

For non-coffee drinkers, flavored tea and milk-based drinks are available on their menu as well! They have Raspberry Citrus Tea and Bergamot Passion Tea. You can also request for add-ons such as whipped cream, espresso shot, ice cream scoop, and more!

Pastries and desserts

Photo from Palpitate PH Instagram

Coffee is incomplete without a fresh and warm pastry! Palpitate PH offers desserts like Croffle Deluxe and Flavored Affogato, which are Mochaffogato and Matchafoggato. The Flavored Affogato is a must-try that even kids would love to devour.

For the pastries, they have croissants, Pan Au Chocolat, Creamy Spinach Puff, Carbonara Puff, Danish Sausage, and more! Everything goes well with coffee and other beverages. Most of the pastries on their menu are healthy and always freshly-served warm.

Palpitate PH is located at #112 D Presidential Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Read: A Café with a Cause)

They deliver within the Quezon City area and will be available soon in GrabFood and FoodPanda! For more inquiries and updates, check out their Instagram or Facebook.

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